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Our clients are intelligent people, some very highly accomplished. Many are from government, academia and technology.
Most are anxious about their lack of financial knowledge, want to be confident their money will last, and desire to leave a nest egg for future generations.

This is how we help.

Sudden Wealth Management

Managing a large sum of money whether inherited assets, retirement accounts, divorce settlements, litigation proceeds, or funds from the sale of a business, requires real expertise.

It is crucial to balance our clients concerns of today, against those of tomorrow and have the capacity to provide timely answers to their most pressing questions. Will they run out of money? Can they avoid becoming a burden on their children? Our wealth management services are informed by extensive financial planning expertise. We have had decades of experience answering these questions. We can do the same for you.

Smart Retirement Planning

Planning for post-employment is not an admission of age, but an acknowledgment that empowers you to dictate the terms of your financial future.

Retirement planning is one of the most challenging of the financial disciplines. It involves many important decisions, the impacts of which can span multiple lifetimes. We are versed in defined benefit pensions (STRS, PERS, FERS, CSRS, UCRS), the option choices, the beneficiary designations, and how to leverage these plans for the benefit of future generations. We manage multiple income streams, a diverse array of investments, and the myriad of tax-qualified plans that support your financial independence. We thrive in the complexity so you can make the best decisions.

Manage Personal Disaster

Years of accumulated wealth, can be lost in a flash by uninformed decision-making, chronic illness, premature death and unforeseen tax complications.

We help you avoid the unnecessary mistakes by asking the hard questions in the beginning. You may not consider these issues very often. We ask because the answers represent the most common threats to your lifestyle and wealth. Together, we work to protect you and all that you have earned.

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